Cieca Health


CIECA HEALTH plans and executes the implementation of rooms where medical equipment are primarily used for the functional examination, cancer treatment and surgical services block. Also have the skills to undertake the range of consulting services developed by Cieca.

CIECA HEALTH has services in a geographical context of overall amplitude always with the best guarantees in compliance with local regulations and offering tailored to the particular needs of each project solutions.


Aware of the importance of new technologies, CIECA HEALTH comprises a sanitary installation service software. It also provides equipment and technological solutions tailored to customer needs. Its principal activities include the development of applications, information systems and the provision of infrastructure. The service offered is comprehensive, so covering system consulting, virtualization jobs, WiFi networks, managed IT services (outsourcing), technical assistance systems (insourcing), cabling systems and facilities, among others.

Technical Management

CIECA HEALTH is responsible for the entire organization needed to manage the project. So, the way activities and strategies will be made is set, ranging from the description of the process of administrative, technical and follow up procedures for coordination, communication and participation. Also with the study, administration, management and evaluation of each of the phases of the project to implement planned activities and implement its objectives. This way we get to achieved maximize and ensure the outcomes and objectives in the allotted time, within budget and with the expected quality.