Business partners


ARRAELA is an engineering company with a strong vocation for research into new materials and applications. Innovation takes place mainly in the development of neutron shielding materials for international patent applications and class laboratories.
In the field of renewable energy they have developed what is probably the best thermal storage material based on concrete.

ARRAELA collaborate to provide technical design and engineering coverage.


DITEC COMMUNICATIONS S. L. are experts in audiovisual media services and projects, and communications. Offers solutions for both the technical organization of events and the implementation of fixed audiovisual systems. Has over 15 years experience in the audiovisual sector, working with important companies and in order to provide alternatives available to help streamline communications with the support of new technologies.

The agreement with DITEC encompasses all projects requested and performed by CIECA in all areas of influence of the Company and are exclusively available for integration and use of global projects developed form.


MAQUET SPAIN is dedicated to the manufacture of innovative medical equipment, assembly and engineering. As a trusted partner for hospitals and clinics since 1838, is a global leader in medical systems that advance surgical interventions, cardiovascular procedures and critical care.

MAQUET is added as CIECA partner company, in order to provide technical and engineering design coverage.


SAUTER IBERIAN is one of the technology leaders in automation and building control. Flexible and independent company, offers the most suitable products for the industry, creating a tangible and economically beneficial value for its customers. For almost a hundred years, it has become a renowned company in Switzerland, with a leading market specialist present in many parts of the world.

SAUTER becomes CIECA partner company, providing technical coverage and design engineering both nationally, and internationally through its offices in Latin America.