CIECA was founded in 1974 by D. Gregorio Cámara Merino. Continuing the professional activity started by his father, D. Pablo Cámara in 1937, Gregorio creates a company designed to enhance the know-how of the family business, that is, projects of power of medium and high voltage.

After 40 years in business, CIECA is defined as a comprehensive project construction company. Positioned in the market as a benchmark of quality and professionalism, has a serving team willing to invest all their effort and ability in serving commitment.

Throughout its history, CIECA has managed to be the repository of the trust of entities with high standards. As, for example, the General Treasury of the Social Security Building Military Service, and other public institutions have been repeat customers prior to the stage dedicated to hospital worldwide. Below are some of these related projects:

  • Adaption of the building for the installation of the Administration and URE of the General Treasury of the Social Security in Manacor, Palma de Mallorca.
  • Project work and adaptation of the Care and Information Center for Social Security in Cuellar, Segovia.
  • Project execution and adaptation work in local Care and Information Center for the Social Security in Soria.
  • Project for the conditioning works at the Center for Support and Information of the Social Security in Almendralejo, Badajoz.
  • Project to rebuild the third floor of the Courts of Badajoz.
  • Draft renovation and refurbishment of part of the third floor of the National Institute for Safety and Health at Work in Madrid.