CIECA specializes in developing comprehensive construction projects in the sanitary area. With a broad spectrum of operational capacity, CIECA is skilled mainly in two types of services:

1. Consulting Projects

Economic Efficiency = Technical Efficiency

Our maxim is to obtain the best use of financial resources allocated to each project. Through proper planning of technical and constructive design of the hospital. The aim is to save our customers future amendments or budget overruns.

Consulting areas are:

a. Purchase of new equipment: PHILIPS, GE, ELEKTA, SIEMENS and TOSHIBA.
b. Design of Clinical halls
c. Organization of medical services and equipment: operating room lamps, Radio-protection, among others.
d. Development of maintenance plans: Monitoring measures and signals or duct cleaning are some of the actions within this chapter.
e. Savings and energy efficiency: Design of geothermal installations, among others.

2. Project Implementation

Technical Experience + Quality Control

The competitive advantage of CIECA is their expertise in working with manufacturers of medical equipment.
The facilities and infrastructure works are executed in response to the specific needs required techniques and regulations to which they are subject.

Our expertise focuses on three types of rooms:

a. Rooms of Functional Exploration: Electrophysiology, Angiograph, Hemodynamics, Acelereador Linear, MRI, CT, PET-CT, radiopharmacy, laundry Injected, Gamma-Camera and Brachytherapy room.
b. Rooms Surgical Block: General Operating Rooms, Operating Rooms Hybrids, Integrated Operating Rooms, ICU and Area Awakening.
c. Maternity Rooms: Delivery Rooms and Operating Room Area.